Welcome to the revamped site

I want to downsize my collections of weird stuff. I hate to just dump it, and I’m not looking to make a lot of money selling it. I spent decades acquiring it and just need to find the right people who want it.

I’m certainly not going to pay to ship it to anyone, but basically all I need is packing and shipping costs and a few bucks for my effort. If the items aren’t worth that then I assume they are not of any value and I guess I will dumpster them.

The topics covered will include alchemy, astrology, travel, art, literature, skepticism, religion, history, crackpots, UFOlogy, science, occultism, cryptanalysis, electronic music synthesis and production, algorithmic composition, woodworking, homesteading, humor, history, bibliophilia, and a million other short-lived obsessions.

It’s going to take some time to scan and catalog these items, so please be patient.  Or maybe I won’t scan them and just list them and see if anyone is interested.

The prices of the items will generally be very low in order to move them. The occasional rarity or real oddball item might get listed on ebay, but if the minimum bid isn’t met it will be available here again.

last updated 2014 aug 16