Lodge 49 notes


I was astounded and delighted that this series has been renewed. I had to go over and check at amc.com to make sure. I need to send AMC an email as well to let them know at least one more person is really happy about this.

After watching each episode (I did it one week at a time (on DVR of course, AMC is really commercial hell) I felt a little melacholy since I could scarcely imagine it being renewed, which would have been a pity since the characters and story line are very engaging.

I’ve studied esoteric subjects for a long, long time and just sat there with my mouth hanging open at certain of the events. I’ve never watched a fictional TV series in my life that even seriously touched on ideas of hermetic philosophy, alchemy, Freemasony, and Rosicrucianism.

Like anyone else, I usually enthusiastically recommend shows that I like to friends, but in this case, I didn’t (except of course my friend who is a professional astrologer and has studied these subjects even more deeply than myself.)

But the important thing to realize is that the esoteric aspect, while a crucial part of the scenario, and quietly pervasive in the story, is not the main story. I would say just off the top of my head that its major themes would be family, friendship, acceptance with grace, and having hope in a life with little hope.