Adams Avenue Bookstore

[2018-06-18] This is so tragic, but I guess it was inevitable. My favorite — and one of the only remaining — San Diego used bookstores is finally about to close its doors after 53 years (!!)

I’ve live in San Diego over 60 years — and shopped at Adams Ave for many of them — so this is terribly sad.

I’m glad to hear that some kind soul has offered to give Bartleby the bookstore cat a home — it’s the only home he’s ever known.

Adams Ave Bookstore

This is from 2010 — back when both cats were alive…only Bartleby survives now.

[2019-09-01] Adams Ave closed earlier this year. In the last few months, the owner set a global discount, first of 10%, then 20% and so on. In the last week or two he was basically giving away books at 90% off.

Amazing, at the same time as they were getting prepared to shut down, from some collection; I never found out whose, the most amazing batch of books on the occult, magic, esoteric beliefs, etc. hit their shelves. I spent more money in the next few weeks there than I had in years. None of the books had bookplates or owner’s names in it, so I will always wonder: is there someone in this town with interests so close to mine? Or was there, and now they’re deceased? Strange thoughts.