Gallery 2


This page is a completely random selection of a couple dozen items from a large collection of pamphlets, magazines, bookstore catalogs, lessons and other non-book ephemera. The subject matter is generally occultism, spiritualism, UFO studies, pseudo-scientific research, astrology and the like. There are a few pieces that I’d categorize as “world Jewish conspiracy”, neo-Nazi, white supremacy, etc. mixed in.

These are mostly from the 70s through the 90s, with some older and a few newer pieces.

I basically want to dispose of the entire collection as a lot, but I do need to create a big list of all the items and pictures as well. I’m guessing that everything would fit into a few normal storage boxes. I don’t feel there are many pieces that could be considered collectible so I’m basically just looking for shipping costs and a few dollars for all the time this will take to catalog. Any offers are welcome. Send any questions or comments about this to tims145 at

(See below the gallery for a few more remarks.)

This photo shows just a part of the collection these ephemera come from. As mentioned above, the books shown are not part of this collection and will be sorted out at a future date.